美意優才天地 Bravo Kids Land 位於尖沙咀,佔地3,800呎。由一班專業人事組成,包括醫生、護士、社工、幼稚園教師、外籍導師及創作音樂人等。為幼兒、兒童及家長提供多元化課程及服務。

根據美國哈佛大學教育研究院的心理發展學家霍華德․嘉納(Howard Gardner)的著作Five Minds for the Future中,家長可把握現有豐富的資源來培育孩子的Disciplined mind專科思維、Synthesizing mind融通思維、Creating mind創新思維、Respectful mind尊重思維和Ethical mind道德思維,使孩子未來能當上新一代的領袖。美意優才天地的幼兒課程亦全面關注孩子在早期學習上取得有關平衡,提供多元智能、融通、創新、尊重和道德的培養為目標,以幫助熱愛學習的孩子。
除此之外,霍華德․嘉納(Howard Gardner)亦提出了著名的多元智能理論,說明孩子的智能是可以作多元發展,包括:
1 語文智能
2 邏輯數學智能
3 空間智能
4 肢體運作智能
5 音樂智能
6 人際智能
7 內省智能
8 自然探索智能
9 其他類型智能:記憶力、形象力、抽象力、信仰力和創造力
上午思考班:孩子較適應坐下來學習及願意嘗試回應導師問題。一般為1歲半至2歲半幼兒。105分鐘多元訓練於課室內,15分鐘體能、空間、聽命令等訓練於Free Play Effect
下午探索班:孩子較適應步行中學習及願意留意導師發問問題。一般為1至1歲半幼兒。75分鍾多元訓練於課室內,45分鐘體能、空間、聽命令等訓練於Free Play Effect
行為改善小貼士:即使孩子是天才,行為上不一定同時如天使般。對於有些從未上過學的孩子,他們初次面對有規律的課室時,是有可能會出現尖叫、大哭、打人和不服從的行為。此舉不單令家長尷尬,更有可能影響個人和別人的學習進度。首先家長可因應孩子的性格而選擇較易適應的playgroup。行為上,家長可預早教導孩子發出其他聲音並加以獎勵來改善愛尖叫的行為,例如:’please’, ‘thank you’, ‘shooooh’。面對愛哭的孩子,家長需留意是否因環境或身體毛病影響外,還是一種「習慣」?!有時候,孩子會因為大哭而換來擁抱和好處,家長面對孩子大哭時,切勿常常反應過大,應保持冷靜來處理,並教育孩子更多表達需求的方法。家長亦可以叉腰和扁咀來表達不滿,並讓孩子模仿來防止孩子以打人來表達情緒。對於孩子不服從,很多時是因為同伴不足,欠缺良好的模仿對象,或希望知道不服從所帶來的其他後果,家長帶孩子上playgroup數次後,孩子一般能模仿同學並從遊戲中學習得到。最後,如果家長希望孩子學習自省時,使用 Warning(警告) +Timeout(隔離)確是一個有效和最被外界接受的方法,不要低估你的孩子,即使一歲的孩子亦可學習得到!詳情請看以下網址內的例子:


Bravo Kids’ Land is a premier learning centre designed for young children. We offer an excellent and stimulating environment for your child to learn, interact and grow with their peers. 

Our staffs include registered kindergarten teachers, native English teachers and a registered nurse. Several staff members have studied psychology which ensures the understanding of our pupils’ needs and behaviour, as well as allowing us to create a welcoming atmosphere where children can gain social skills and self-confidence. By using positive reinforcement methods, we are able to enhance their learning capabilities and improve their manners and behaviour.
Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, our premises occupies 3,800 square foot and comprises of spacious classrooms and play areas. Teaching aids and equipment are largely imported and are designed to promote creativity.
We use songs and music to teach rhythm, logic and language skills in an enjoyable way.
Our Virtue and Etiquette playgroup enhances children’s awareness of good manners and the need to be considerate and caring persons.  This is done through games and activities which are designed to create well-rounded individuals at an important stage in their development.
Hooked on Phonics is a very popular course developed in the USA.  An assessment is conducted and children can work through various levels to build up their understanding and phonetic skills.
Playgroup sessions run for one, two or three hours and are conducted in English and Cantonese.  
Courses include:
Creative Dance
Virtue and Etiquette playgroup
Child Brain Development Series
Hooked on Phonics
For details, please visit our website www.bravokidsland.com.hk or call us at 2739 8778.

Dear Parents,

We understand all parents care their children’s need and do everything to provide the best for their children, including not only materials, but also learning programs for approaching more knowledge.  In fact, the recent rising birth rate really induces a lot of parents’ concern about their children’s future competitiveness.

We believe both education and nurture are also important to children, however, in order to let parents believe their children will do things right, in fact it could be simple, it is to bring their children to Sunday school. As the bible says:  “If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old he will not be turned away from it.” Proverbs 22:6

We wish all children grow happily!

Yours faithfully,

Bravo Kids’ Land Learning Centre






To develop students’ creativity potentials and integrity quality.
- To help students develop courtesy, communications and social skills, we use
  virtue stories/Bible stories, hymns/folk songs/classical music and games.
- To further enhance students’ from creativity to multiple intelligences.
Classrooms, Intelligence Toys Corner, Creative P.E. Corner, Rainbow Studio, Reading Corner, Drama Stage, Band Room and Music Studio.

We provide both English Speaking Teachers and Cantonese Speaking Teachers.  To better communicate with all participants, first language of most of the classes is English.


- 透過聖經故事、詩歌及遊戲學習秩序及禮貌,增強孩子表達能力及待人接物的
- 從舞蹈及遊戲中提升創意思維及至智能。

 *****Teaching Team*****

Our team consists of a group of enthusiastic and loving professionals to take care of children. All of the teachers are experienced to educate children in various subjects as stated below: -

1) Miss Elizabeth Anne Loynd


Ms. Loynd was born in Tuvalu and holds a degree in Criminology and Social Policy from Lougborough University in the United Kingdom. Since graduating, Ms. Loynd has been working for a reputable learning centre here in Hong Kong as a native English teacher. Ms. Loynd is a native English speaker who is also fluent in spoken and written Cantonese and proficient in Mandarin. Ms. Loynd is bubbly, friendly and is also a keen singer and performer, so apart from devoting her expertise towards teaching routine syllabus lessons, we should also be seeing Ms. Loynd singing and dancing with our students! 

2) Dennis Hayworth

Mr Hayworth holds Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Psychology with Human Biology from Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom.  Mr Hayworth is a English tutor for almost 3 years. He is a native English speaker, friendly and sporty.

3) 金麗華老師


3) Miss Maggie Ma



幼兒興趣班, 幼兒課程, 幼兒教育,, 幼兒playgroup 課程 暑假班活動, 親子活動